Aluminium Marine Platforms

OFT Projects Zambia is the exclusive Zambian representative for T-Craft marine vessels, who, based in South Africa specialises in the construction of the following high quality aluminium vessels and work platforms.

T-Craft Boats

T-Craft boats consist of the AG, KF and KFX product ranges.

T-Craft boats typically range from 3.5 meters to 10 meters in length and are available through OFTP Zambia and are supplied and supported directly from the T-Craft factory.

Modcat and Mod-barge Platforms

Modcat Catamarans with their innovative Sponson hulls provide cost effective commercial marine options as Cargo, Work-boat, Ferry, Hospitality and Utility platforms while the Mod-Barge provided high payload and durable commercial option for operators.

These platforms typically range from 6 meters to 21 meters with competitive acquisition and delivery costs due to being containerized and re-assembled at the clients launch site.

Legacy Cats

Legacy Cat's are purpose built planing catamarans that provide waterborne solutions in the Oil and Gas, Dive Support, Research and Off-shore work vessel arenas. Legacy Cat vessels typically range from 14 meters - 22 meters and are constructed to client specifications.


Please feel free to view our available vessel range and we invite you to contact us should you be interested in a Marine Solution.